Thursday, December 25, 2008

Aamir Khan’s Ghajini hairstyle banned in Bangalore

        That near-bald crew cut with conspicuous scars has become a fashion statement among youths.
        Aamir Khan has sparked off a new trend with his attention-grabbing haircut for Ghajini (Hindi) . More and more youths are going under the scissors to acquire the same look.
        Aamir’s ‘Ghajini’ haircut has become so popular in colleges that the authorities in Bangalore have banned the hairstyle. Students sporting Aamir’s ‘Ghajini’ look are not being allowed to enter classrooms.
        In fact, the craze has caught up so much with the Bangalore youths that colleges in the city have barred the students with the Ghajini haircut from entering the classrooms. The reason given by the authorities is that the haircut distracts the attention of other students in the classroom.
        Almost all the colleges in Bangalore have formally announced that they will only allow students to sit in the classrooms if they don’t sport the Ghajini hairstyle. What Aamir would like to know is why his Ghajini hairstyle should be banned in colleges and if it is in any way interfering with the students’ concentration when they are attending classes. A source close to Aamir says, “Aamir has not been able to fathom why the colleges are objecting to his hairstyle, what is so indecent about it? Any objection needs a reason. Is this hairstyle attracting flies? Is it disturbing the concentration of the students in the class?”
        When Aamir came to know about this, he was both pleased and amused. Pleased because he is happy to note that the haircut has been loved young people. Amused because he doesn’t understand why the authorities are objecting to the haircut.
        Meanwhile, the trend is catching up in other cities like Mumbai and Delhi as well.