Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bangalore City

Bangalore – When we hear this word first thing comes into our mind is IT as it is known with its names like IT Capital, Silicon Valley etc.,
    It has/had many other names like Pensioners City, Garden City, City Of Pubs etc.,
    It s known for it’s whether also which is pleasant and welcoming all the nationals and foreigners.It is an ocean of opportunities for people who are in need of job or want to change their job. So many people from India as well as abroad flows here.
    People from almost all religions of the world stays here, either for short period or longer one.
    Bangalore is known for its educational institutions also. It has India’s most reputed institutes like IISc & IIM-B.
    It is flooded with colleges and universities and training institutes. You can find ‘n’ number of websites to find information about jobs, colleges, training institutes or any other information.
    If you are planning to travel in or across Bangalore then come during October as the winter season starts and before February when people start drowning from Bangalore.
    If you are coming for job hunting the don’t come ni the month of December as almost all the companies wont work muc at that time because of Cristmas and New Year which are feasts for Americans & now for Indians too.
    In order to be clear I will write various posts on Bangalore Keep visiting my blog J