Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bangalore Politics & Administration

      Karnataka politics was not stable during the British era.Today's Karnataka was under 20 different administrative units such as State Of Mysore, Nizam's Of Hyderabad, The Bombay Presidency, The Madras Presidency and the Territory Of Kodagu being the most important ones.
      On 1st November 1973, the State Of Mysore was renamed as Karnataka. The present day Karnataka politics is stable. Major parties in Karnataka presently are Congress, BJP & JD(S).
      Bangalore if the hotspot for Karnataka politics for being the capital of the state.Major political parties head offices are there in the city. The state legislative assembly is situated in the city.

      Bangalore contributes 2 seats to the lower house of parliament, Lok Sabha and 24 members to Karnataka state assembly.
      Two Lok Sabha constituencies are below:
  •   Bangalore - South
  •   Bangalore - North
      In the era of Bangalore politics,many parties evolved and dissolved. Major parties in the race are Congress,BJP,JD(S) and many medium & small parties.
      Currently BJP is ruling Karnataka with CM as B.S.Yediruppa from May,30 2008 to till date.
      As elections are going to take place, party rallies, party flags and demonstrations can be seen in the city.Polling for 2009 elections for Bangalore North is on 23 April.
      More details about the Karnataka elections can be seen here. Bangalore Elections.