Sunday, January 4, 2009

Education In Bangalore

Bangalore is a hub for education for students from all over India and all over the world as well. Institutions here have excelled in the deliverance of high-quality education in various disciplines to enable students to be prepared for a highly competitive working environment  after graduation. Whether you’re interested in studying a subject in the Arts, Humanities,  Business, Medicine, Science or Computers you can be sure that Bangalore has something for you. We’ve got a list of all the schools and colleges so you can take your pick. It really doesn’t matter what degree you are pursuing because it’s all right here from PUC to Ph.Ds.

The standard of education is already high and rising rapidly to meet the standard of the new Internet Economy. In addition to the schools and colleges there are computer training centers like NIIT, Wintech, Aptech, Zap and many more to choose from. It’s evident that once you come to Bangalore to study you will be in the fast lane and learn about cutting edge trends in technology in addition to what you are studying.

Among schools some of the best ones are Bishop Cottons (for boys and girls), Baldwins(for boys and girls), Sophia High School for girls, Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore International School and the Mallya Aditi School. These schools place emphasis on a good academic education as well as extra-curricular activities to provide a well balanced education. It is advisable to book your child’s place in these schools years in advance (maybe before they’re born) as the waiting list is considerably long.

As far as colleges is concerned there are many colleges that provide a decent education and hands-on-training. As far as medical colleges are concerned some of them are Bangalore Medical College, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science and M.S.Ramaiah Medical College. Some of these are world-famous and offer exchange programs with the leading institutes in the world. Engineering colleges are also well known here and the leading ones are I.I.Sc. (Indian Institute of Science), BIT (Bangalore Institute of Technology), M.Vishweshwaraiah Institute of Technology, B.M.S., Ramaiah Institute of Technology, R.V. College of Engineering and U.V.C.E. They’ll really put you through the grind and teach you the art of engineering. Please scan our list of Schoolsand Colleges to find the one that best suits your purpose.