Friday, February 13, 2009

Bangalore Police's Valentines Mantra – WE ARE HERE,CELEBRATE WITHOUT FEAR

Will you be my Valentine!!!

      Celebrating valentines in Bangalore seems to be on safer side as stated by Bangalore police.

Now lovebirds will get police protection in city.

      Why need protection? Is celebrating valentines an offence? Some of these questions come to those minds who don’t read news or not updated with the parties like Sri Rama Sene, VHP etc., or who doesn’t belong to the state.

      Here is a brief on the issue: Hindu rightwing outfits have warned the people not to celebrate Valentines Day as it is against Indian culture.

      Their warning is “If we see a couple roaming on roads or parks hand-in-hand, then we will marry them to each other then and there”.

      People, especially young couples, are scared of celebrating the Valentines Day as they may getting married or publicly getting assaulted.

      Therefore,to safe guard public, Bangalore police has warned these parties that whoever disrupt the celebrations with force or violence will be treated as thugs and prosecuted under the state Goondas (thugs) Act.

      Punishment will be severe under this Act compared to the Indian Penal Code or the Criminal Procedure Code. Getting bail pending trial is also difficult.

      Let us see whether these promises will stay just over paper or they will come in action when needed.

      However, my suggestion for love couples is to store nearby police station number where you are going for date or celebration.

      JJJHappy Valentines Day Friends from Saif JJJ