Thursday, July 2, 2009

Web Directories

Web directory, a pool on World Wide Web where addresses of numerous websites are referenced. It specializes in linking to other websites.
One of the special features of web directories is that it lists web sites based on their category and sub category. Web directories are not search engine tools and the sites in the web directories are not searchable by using keywords which we do generally with search engines.
Web directories include various features which are helpful for the website or blog owners in increasing their popularity in terms of traffic as well as page ranking.
1. Site review and listing in web directories doesn't include any charge.
2. Reciprocal link should be added in the site or blog which is to be listed in the web directory.
3. Featured listing - Premium position is given in the directory and will be posted in primary
pages like Home Page.
4. Website or blogs in Web direcotries can be listed in any of the related categories such as Regions & Travel, Arts & Humanities, Internet & Online Marketing and many more.
Few of the most popular web directories on the web are Google web directory, Yahoo web directory, DMOZ, BOTW,
Along with the above mentioned popular web directories, Jasmine directory and Max directory provides the review and listing of websites and/or blogs.
The procedure for the website submission in any web directory is simple. Submit your website or blog, directory owners will review your site or blog and will approve or reject the submitted blog or site if it doesn't meet the terms and conditions specified by that particular web directory owner(s).
There are directories specially designed for specific category such as Environment web directory that lists websites related to environment only.
Web directories will help you in bringing the traffic to your site or blog but the site or blog owners should publish their sites with fresh information so that the readers creep in again and again.