Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bangalore Traffic Jams & Resolutions

      Everyone in Bangalore is aware of the current traffic situation. There is jam everywhere. 

     Unlike in other metros, Bangalore does not have peak & non-peak hours of traffic. Traffic jams are there in many places across the day. Below are the cause for traffic jams and possible resolutions.

   1. Traffic Sense: Experts says if vehicle drivers have traffic sense then 90% of the traffic problems can be avoided.

       Traffic sense angles too many views but common one are below

  • Drive in a straight line without blocking the vehicles overtaking you.
  • Slow vehicles should go to extreme left and faster on right. 
  • Show indicator if you are changing lanes. 
  • Keep on the exact side where you are taking 'U' turn else you will block many vehicles and can avoid accidents.

2.       Pooling: Pooling is nothing but sharing something. Here it means sharing your vehicle. Share your vehicle, it can be 2 or 4 wheeler, with a person and he will do the same next day. Suppose if you are coming by 4 wheeler and 4 people stays nearby to your house and goes to almost same places as you go. Then instead of coming by a four 4-wheelers you can come by one 4-wheeler and in a round robin fashion. With this you are not only helping to maintaining the traffic but you are saving you money, avoiding pollution and,ofcourse, building friendship with your fellow travelers J

3.       Traffic control: If there is a jam in a place where there is no traffic signal or police pfficers then god knows when it will get released.

      I saw many times just because somebody left a two-wheeler in a small road the whole road, sometimes untill ½ KM, traffic will be jammed. However, no one from their vehicles step outside and help releasing the jam.

     Friends, take initiative in these kinds of activities, get down from your vehicle and control the traffic. With your little common sense, you can help Bangalore get rid of these kinds of jams.

4.       Rash Cab Drivers: We see lot of call center cabs and medium sized buses drowning over road. We scold him by sitting in our A/C vehicles. You might have seen on almost all corporate vehicles back side the quotes “If I am driving rashly, call *******” Isn't it? But how many of us call those numbers and complaint against driver. I hope very few of us will do that.       

There are many more reasons for traffic. However, they are useful only when we take initiatives to curb this evil of traffic jams that is eating our valuable time and energy. 

     Let's make our Bangalore a happy & pleasant place to live :)