Thursday, January 1, 2009

Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

Part time or flexible hourly job gives great support to persons who are unable to dedicate whole time of their day on job. Part time job seekers may be mostly students, householders (or housewives) who are engaged with other responsibilities. Or such persons there are project basis jobs, flexible hourly jobs, get paid per hour jobs all around in Bangalore.

Not only in US, but in Bangalore the part time jobs is blooming with lot of students, housewives & retired people spending their little time to earn extra income.

This post concentrates on Part time jobs in Bangalore. In this post, I have tried to list the major sites which give information on part time jobs in Bangalore, sites on employment for part time, student jobs in Bangalore, project basis jobs in Bangalore, flexible hourly jobs Bangalore, hourly paid Bangalore jobs, hourly basis jobs, work from home jobs in Bangalore, get paid per hour jobs, consultant jobs, tips to find part time jobs as well as the evening jobs, 2 hours jobs in Bangalore, online jobs in Bangalore, internet marketing jobs, part time sales jobs, Bangalore retailing jobs part time, part time data entry jobs in Bangalore, part time coding jobs, outsourcing jobs, customer care part time jobs, hourly promotional jobs and part time short term employment in Bangalore.

Contract Jobs

Bangalore is India’s prime city with new generation jobs and careers. Among these career opportunities, part time and freelancing jobs are gaining importance. Among the Bangalore youngsters there are students with technical background, who are capable to give good feeds to offshore technical projects and customer support services. These students and researchers, housewives, teachers, employees in various companies who can enjoy liberal leisure timings, etc. look for earnings through part time and freelance jobs. Bharat contract jobs is here to help all those who look for part time jobs, contracting jobs, hourly paid jobs, flexible timing jobs, data entry jobs, jobs for tech freshers, jobs for computer engineering graduates and experienced freelance programmers. Such jobs are available in technologies and databases such as Java, ASP.Net, C++, Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, etc. 

Students Jobs

This site lists part time jobs for students. It also helps students to learn more about student jobs. The site provides top tips on finding and successfully doing student part time jobs. 

Network Bangalore
Juniper is a networking site that revolutionizes information exchange. Juniper's network members offer part time job options in Bangalore in various categories. 

Part Time Job Classifieds 
Sulekha is one of the biggest online community of India with millions of people network every day. The site provides information on almost every area of human life. Sulekha part time jobs & employment section provides part time assignments in your city. 

Bangalore Part Time Job Ads
Kijiji Bangalore gives an opportunity to find part time employment ads in Bangalore for BPO part time jobs, Sales, Telemarketing, travel guide part time assignments, online marketing, telemarketing part time jobs, entertainment and other local jobs.

Software jobs in Bangalore

If you are a software professional in India you are probably residing in Bangalore. Software jobs and Bangalore are so closely associated. Software jobs in Bangalore are constantly on the rising scale. For an IT professional, software jobs in Bangalore give a wide range of options. All major software names are tied up with Bangalore. The boom of software industry has now made Bangalore to be considered an 'Alter-Pittsburgh' zone.

Bangalore which was famously known as 'Garden City' is now a 'Software City'. Many multinational companies have invested in Bangalore giving lot of opportunities to the job seekers. Bangalore has become a haven of jobs for all young graduates in India. Software jobs in Bangalore pay almost double or even triple the salary when compared to the other parts of the country.

Software jobs in Bangalore attract more salary because of low retention level. With so many multinational companies nesting in Bangalore, young graduates find it easy to hop from one job to the other even at the slightest irritation. In order to keep their staff happy and retain them companies are forced to pay more than what is normally considered as very good salary. If you have the right skills , then it is your world.

Though we use a generalized term software jobs, it is also non software skill that are highly wanted in Bangalore. Many multinational companies have their back end operations performed in Bangalore for cost reasons. Therefore any graduate with good communication skills and good English language skills can find highly paid job in Bangalore. Companies are ready to pay for the right skills. It is a reverse situation inemployment scenario in India at least as much as IT industry is concerned and as much as Bangalore. This software city is unable to find the needed workforce within Bangalore because of the existing over employment opportunities. It invites work force from all the other states of India creating 'National Brain-Drain'.